LENO Cambodia Youth Exchange Experiences by Elif TENGİLİMOĞLU

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People always have some difficulties to explain their feelings. Especially when the feelings are deep and strong. They can not know which adjective will describe the feelings more efficiently. For all i'll try to do my best.
The LENO project was full of experiences for me. We felt and saw how can love be that strong so that people from 6 different countries could communicate, getting use to each other even in 7 days. It didn't matter if we are from East,West,North or South. 
Before i go to the project we've searched about the place and to be honest we had hesitations about our comfort zone. But in the project Cambodian team did their best when they were hosting. The food in Epic Art Cafe was so nice. In theese project we are learning to go accross from our comfort zone. 
Another thing effected me was the culture differences. I've been in couple of countries in Europe but not in Asia. It was more different but that much beautiful too.You're learning to respect all the beliefs.
I want to touch a little bit about the activities too. I have never danced that much in my entire life 😊 We have seen that not only language but also dance,music,drama painting to summary "Art" can create a connection between people easily.
It was the first time that i tried to create a dance careography and show it in front of people. In a kind of funny way I enjoyed it a lot. I was thinking that it's impossible for me to dance even some basic movements. But a 3 minute of compassion and respect of my Cambodian friend we made it together. When you are one things are hard to do. When you are more it becomes easy to do.
We sang together, we danced together, we painted together.And all the moments that i've spent with my friends is so special for me. When it was the time for goodbye, it was the hardest part for me. I hope and know that I'll see all of those precious people again. Thank you for everything.
My best regards.
Elif Tengilimoğlu

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