Engage In Nature Youth Exchange Başvurusu


Başvuru Formu: https://goo.gl/5B2u6D

Date: Inclusive travel dates: 21st – 28th February 2019 (including travel days)
Location: Örkelljunga, Sweden
Project Type: Youth Exchange
Hosting Organization: IFALL
Participant Age: 13-17

**APV: The Advanced Planning Meeting (APV) will be 3rd – 6th December 2018 (3rd is the travel day and 6th is the departure date). This will be for 1 youth leader and 1 fewer opportunity young person (a young person who is able to take some responsibilities but from a fewer opportunity background). The leader and young person who attends the APV must also come to the Youth Exchange.
Young people today face some issues when it comes to accessing and connecting positively with nature. In today’s society, there are many stresses which mean it can be difficult for engagement or participation. There is a lack of knowledge also whereby a significant number of young people don’t have the capacity or way of knowing how to survive or spend their time within nature.
Therefore this youth exchange will take place in Örkelljunga, Sweden and aims to support young peoples lives in the natural and rural areas and will attempt to revive their desire to be in natural environments. It will raise young people’s awareness of nature and the important value that it holds.

Increase practical knowledge in the nature.
– Combine sport and non-formal learning with nature
– Increase problem-solving skills
– Expand the meaning of nature among young people and connect with daily life
– Challenge young people to go out of their comfort zone.
– Provide youth leader tools to work in Nature
– To experience different natural environments; in the lake and in the forest.

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